Getting Started with Power BI: Prepare data for Analysis and Model Preparation

What is Power BI?
Power BI Desktop is a free tool that enables you connect to, transform, and visualize your data on your local computer. With Power BI Desktop, you may connect to a variety of data sources and integrate them into a data model (a process known as modelling).This data format allows you to create visuals and collections of visuals that you can share as reports with others in your company. The majority of customers who work on business intelligence projects utilize Power BI Desktop to develop reports and subsequently share them with others via the Power BI service.

The following are the most typical uses for Power BI Desktop:

  • Connect to information

Visualization Types In Power BI:

  • Area charts

The Power BI home screen

Home Screen
  1. Ribbon — Shows common tasks connected with reports and visualizations in the task bar below.

The following association between fields will be established.

Lets get started with Power BI!

Loading dataset in excel format

Loaded the dataset
Dataset loading in the fields pane

Review the dataset before loading the dataset.
You can view your data in tabular form by clicking Data icon.

All the Fields loaded

Preparing data for analysis

You can view model view of data by clicking model icon.

Before Modeling
After Modeling

Hence we have learned about Power BI tool and how to use Power BI Desktop and created the dataset model as we wanted.



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