Data Preprocessing with Orange Tool

Preprocessing is a key component in Data Science. The orange tool has various ways to achieve it.


In the Orange tool canvas, take the Python script from the left panel and double click on it.


import Orange
store =“”)
iris = Orange.preprocess.Discretize()
iris.method = Orange.preprocess.discretize.EqualFreq(n=3)
d_store = iris(store)
print(“Original dataset:”)
for e in store[:3]:
print(“Discretized dataset:”)
for e in d_store[:3]:


import Orange
titanic ="titanic")
continuizer = Orange.preprocess.Continuize()
titanic1 = continuizer(titanic)


from import Table
from Orange.preprocess import Normalize
data = Table("")
normalizer = Normalize(norm_type=Normalize.NormalizeBySpan)
normalized_data = normalizer(data)


class Orange.preprocess.Randomize(rand_type=Randomize.RandomizeClasses, rand_seed=None)

Construct a preprocessor for randomization of classes, attributes and/or metas. Given a data table, preprocessor returns a new table in which the data is shuffled.

from import Table
from Orange.preprocess import Randomize
data = Table("iris")
randomizer = Randomize(Randomize.RandomizeClasses)
randomized_data = randomizer(data)



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